Dan Bilzerian In New Movie With Bruce Willis


by Brian Pempus

Infamous high-stakes poker player Dan Bilzerian is in a new movie with Bruce Willis. The film, called Extraction, is a shoot-em-up style movie about an effort to save a CIA operative.

In addition to Willis, Gina Carano and Kellan Lutz also star in the movie, which hit theaters nationwide on Dec. 18. Reviews of the film have been lackluster.

The movie is Bilzerian’s first film appearance since 2014’s The Equalizer. The Instagram star has appeared in five movies now as an actor, according to IMBD.

Extraction currently has a 4/10 rating on the site. The R-rated thriller is just one hour and 23 minutes long.

One review on Rotten Tomatoes said: “Extraction is an exhaustively paint-by-numbers affair, and nobody is more bored with it than Willis.” Another review, from Liz Braun of the Toronto Sun said: “It’s a rare movie that can’t be saved by Bruce Willis single-handedly killing all the bad guys. And yet, here it is: Extraction.”

A critic from The Globe and Mail remarked: “Extraction? I’d rather have my teeth pulled by diseased, evil monkeys.”


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