Winter Tournament Series Champ ZEKEDOG

Interview with December’s Champion

We sat down with the top player from last month’s Winter Tournament Series, Zekedog, to get his take on poker, our site, and what it takes to win.

1. How was your experience playing in our winter tournament series? Were there any particular points you remember, and did you know that you performed the best out of all of the players?

I wasn’t aware that I had won the most money over the holidays, I knew that I had done well. I am retired to have time to play in most tournaments.The experience was great. It’s also good when you are winning.
There are a lot of good players on TexasHoldEm, and to beat them is a satisfaction.

2. When did you start gaining in interest in poker, and how would you say you got into the game?

My father taught me to play poker in the 1950s when I was very young. Have been playing in local games for many years. In those days we played stud and draw poker. I also played in a Greek poker game a number of years. I first played texas holdem in the 80s in Vegas. I lost my ass a good way to learn the game. Once on line poker sites and teas holdem became more popular my interest picked up and thats when I decided to really learn the texas holdem game it is different than the old standard poker games. I played on Poker Star and Full Tilt. Great sites but they broke the customers trust and the government shut them down. I continue playing in local games and at casinos when near one.

3. How long have you been playing on TexasHoldEm and what has your experience been?

I been playing on TexasHoldEm since May of 2015. I really enjoy the play and I have cashed a check every month. Lots of good players some with mouths bigger than their game but that’s a part of poker live or online.

4. What type of poker do you play now (holdem, omaha, online, live etc.) and how often?

I only play TexasHoldem now. I played Omaha on occasion when it was available on line. I live in South Carolina, so no more online games for money.

5. Do you have any tips for players looking to improve their game?

I am far from being a pro, but the biggest mistake I see from players is they chase losing cards. They over play their hand. Bluffing is a part of the game, but is not the game. After playing on TexasHoldEm for six months you get to know the regular players and how they play. The bluffers stick out. I ask myself: don’t they know everyone is going to call them because we all know.

Big thanks to Zekedog for sitting down with us. Look out for more interviews with some our star players, coming soon!

– Chandler Bator

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