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Arcosanti Hackerfest

As a developer for, I pride myself on keeping up with new technologies. In the last year I’ve read about and had conversations with other developers regarding a new programming language developed by Google and several prominent developers, a language called Golang.

This last weekend I attended a “hackfest” in Northern Arizona at Arcosanti, a reclusive community where we could concentrate solely on code – minus everyday distractions.

Golang is vaguely similar to C and C++ in that it is a compilable language. However, it has some stark differences that take a bit of getting used to. Downloading it and installing it was fairly easy.

Since I work for a gaming company, I’m naturally interested in the intricacies of building a game server, just something simple to act as a MUD server. For the uninitiated, MUD stands for a Multi User Dimensional server, allowing different players to simultaneously connect and interact. So I set a simple goal of having a couple of us to be able to connect and simply move around different locations on a x,y map.

After about five-and-a-half hours we found success (finally!), and I pushed my crude semblance of a game to my JediUnixMaster Github site. I did come across an issue when I got back to work and decided to pull it down on my work machine. It turns out that my OS Ubuntu, as opposed to Mac or Windows, comes loaded with Golang 1.2. Well I like working with the latest version, Version 1.4, and so I found that the new version is to be loaded in a different directory than the 1.2: 1.2 is located in /usr/bin versus 1.4 which looks to be installed in /usr/local/bin. I had difficulty getting the new version to compile until I now only did a ‘sudo apt-get remove golang’ at the command line, but I also had to physically go into /usr/bin and remove the go, gofmt applications and symlinks. Once that was done I was able to load up my stupid server and run it.


Rock On !

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