Deceased Puerto Rican man's last poker game

One Last Home Game for Late Puerto Rican Man


A 31-year-old Puerto Rican man with a love for poker who died unexpectedly earlier this month was actually able to sit at one last home game with friends.

At the wake of Henry Rosario Martinez in Barceloneta, a town in the northern region of Puerto Rico, friends of the deceased wanted to honor his life by holding a poker game, even dealing him cards and placing them in his hand, as well as giving him chips.

According to a translated report from, this kind of thing is gaining popularity in Puerto Rico. “It’s the first time we do this here, but we take it as something normal, because they have done these things in other parts of the island,” the funeral home owner said of the custom of embalming bodies and setting them up as if they were doing an activity that they enjoyed during life. Martinez reportedly also enjoyed playing slots, but his friends decided to go with poker.

The report said that drugs were to blame for Martinez’s death, with the funeral home owner mentioning suicide. Other reports said that heart problems were the cause of death.


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