Poker lifestyle progression?


When you think of poker, images of smoke filled back rooms, hard liquor, and cigars inevitably fill your brain. But has the image of poker changed? Have the players really changed? Televised poker tournaments have hit their all time highest viewership and there are more players now then ever before. We hear the name Dan Bilzerian thrown around an awful lot lately. But is that really the face of poker players in the 21st century? Is that where the game has gone? Are the days of players with honed skill and a deep mental understanding of the game gone? Have players been reduced to money grubbing, over sexed, power mongers? I don’t think so. I believe poker is still a thinking mans game.
There are still talented players like Scott Seiver, Joe Kuether, and Ole Schemion to name just a few, that take the game serious and continue to “make their bones” like the old school players did. Old school cats like Binion and Pearson set the stage for these new players, but fame over fortune seems to be creating a new breed of player. Players that need the spot light. The T&A players as I call them, more intrested in their instagram account then the next hand. But are they really players that deserve the poker cred they get? I would like to know what you think…Has old school been replaced by a new school player mentality?

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