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Poker Mind Games

The psychology that goes into poker

Over the weekend I was thinking about the psychology that goes into poker. In most cases
the people who are consistently winning are able to keep a straight face and not give away
what they may be holding. The whole idea of mystery seems to surround poker, and logically, it should.
But what about in an online setting? You can’t see the other persons face but surely you could take notice
of their habits or how long they’re taking to make a decision. I know when I play I like to do things like
take a really long time when there are four suited cards on the table and then bet a small amount to bait
someone into folding. That may seem like a bad idea at times (and it is) but you’d be surprised how much it
can pay off if you take very select risks. Feel free to comment below with your techniques for throwing off your
opponent in online play.

  • Pat Pubal

    I’ve never relied on (bluffing) its a bad habit, its TV show boating, it took me a along time to break habits that were costing me money and undue stress.
    I’m 68 years old and have played poker for over 50 years, more 5-card than holdem, although holdem is all I play these days, I’m not a household name like the pro’s of tv and I don’t claim to be better, but these things I do know, have you ever heard this saying (always keep your enemies close), this means when they look at you don’t stare, when they laugh you laugh, when you lose a hand to your opponent, say good play, make them feel like there doing a great job, and always be ready to kill. Over the years I’ve monitored my play, every 100 hands I can win 4 to 5 hands 98% of the time, the cash game mostly played were I’m from is 1-2 no limit, buy in is max of two hundred, I’m not a professional, I’m retired and pokers my passion. bragging rights mean nothing, trophys are junk you gotta carry home to boost your ego and bragg over yourself, the bottom line is you know who you are, Oh by the way, there is a time you should stare, its when you rake in the winnings, look deep into your opponets eyes and smile, I grant you he’ll have a sleepless night on you, and he won’t forget your name, GOOD LUCK

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