Alex Jacob on the television program Jeopardy in 2015

Poker Pro “Fro-Poker” Wins Big at Jeopardy TOC

by Brian Pempus

Friday the 13th wasn’t unlucky for one high-stakes card player.

Former poker pro Alex Jacob, who went on a week-long “Jeopardy” run in April that earned him $151,802, was back on the show on Friday to compete in the Tournament of Champions.

Jacob, now a currency trader in Chicago, emerged victorious in the annual tournament featuring the longest-running champions and biggest money winners from the past season.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Jacob went into the Final Jeopardy round Friday with $26,800. Michael Bilow, a former three-day champion, had $8,400 heading into the final round, while California attorney Scott Lord had $10,200.

All three missed the Final Jeopardy clue, but Jacob held his lead, risking just $143.

Jacob moved on to the semi-final rounds this week. The winner of the Tournament of Champions gets $250,000. Jacob’s poker winnings amount to $2.6 million, so he still has a ways to go on Jeopardy before outdoing his poker success.

The first runner-up gets $100,000, while the second runner-up receives $50,000.

The other players still alive are Brennan Bushee, Dan Feitel, Kerry Greene, Catherine Hardee, Andrew Haringer, Matt Jackson, John Schultz and Vaughn Winchell.

The 31-year-old Jacob’s initial Jeopardy run ended this spring when he incorrectly guessed Twitter after the clue: “This social media company launched in October 2010; in 2012, with about a dozen employees and no revenue, it sold for $1 billion.”

The answer was Instagram.


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