Sex, Poker, And Rock and Roll


It might be thought, that computer programmers are boring, hermit, nerd, geek types coding away through the nights spitting out bad code. But I Think NOT! Some of us have a Wild side and have to spend some time Away.
So on an occasional weekend, I let the Wild out and go Play. Litrelly. For many years, in fact since I was 3, I’ve had a song in my soul, and you might have guessed, it turned to Rock and Roll. I’ve been fortunate enough to experience all the levels of Rocking Crowds both Big and Small, but I’ve always enjoyed playing to my local crowds most of all.
So with this little bit of local fame, I decided to give a shout out about my TexasHoldem Poker2 Game.
What a delightful suprise to find in the crowd, a young lady who shouted back ‘HEY WHERE’S MY PAYOUT CLOWN!”
It was in fact very cool to run into a player who, as she described it, really enjoyed the game she plays, but wished that we could get our payouts faster on their way.
So Monday mornings meeting, I mentioned the show, the girl, and the payouts you know, and now speeding up those payouts, have become our number one goal.

Sorry I left out the Sex,
But I don’t Kiss and Tell.

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