Sometimes Ya Just Know

Poker Mind Games

Poker Mind Games

The psychology that goes into poker

Last summer I spent some time in Las Vegas playing a few different games.
I did pretty well at poker and blackjack, but what struck me was
every now and then I had this gut feeling to just bet. Regardless
of what cards were on the table, who was playing, how far in the game was,
I followed that instinct. Now this phenomenon happens to everyone. A card
is about to get flipped over and in your head you say “Jack” and of course,
there’s a Jack. You can’t explain how you knew, you just did. I recall
going all in during a cash game (I think the amount was somewhere near 400$)
right as I got my hole cards because I just knew. I looked across the table
as two people called my bet and we flipped our cards. The cards I had something were
a 4 of diamonds and 5 of spades. One guy had pocket queens, one of Clubs
and one of Spades and the other had a King of Clubs and an Ace of Hearts. As soon
as they flipped their cards I smiled. The flop was 3 cards with the diamonds suit.
The turn card was an Ace, but the river, of course, was my final diamond. I don’t know
what possessed me to make such a dumb bet. I guess sometimes you just know. Feel
free to share any crazy poker stories below!

  • Samantha Ann Plaunt

    It’s very true in my case anyways….i have those hunch feelings quite often and go with it….usually (about 70-85% of the time) it ends up working for me!!!

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