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Each year we run the TexasholdEm.com World Series Of Poker entry tournaments allowing each and every one of our members the chance to win a seat at select WSOP live events. It’s a chance for our members to not only play live with the best in the game, but also for us to get to know them with a fantastic stay in Vegas with the TexasHoldEm team. Each year we add more winners to our roster that represents TexasHoldEm.com at the live events. Will this year be your year?


Lisa Buster (California)
Thanks to TexasHoldEm.com, my dream of playing in the World Series of Poker Main Event became a reality! I would like to share some of my experiences with you all, so you can know what it was like and how I felt.
On registration day Dane, Zach, Chandler (all three from TexasHoldEm.com), and I walked down the Wall of Fame hallway of the Rio Hotel and Casino. It was lined with wall sized posters of the greatest poker players in the world, and I was steps away to my first ever World Series of Poker Main Event.

Dave Donahue (California)
Our trip to Las Vegas, and participation in WSOP Event #60, courtesy of TexasHoldEm.com, is easily the highlight of my online poker hobby. 
My wife Diana came along with me. Although she does not play poker, we both enjoyed meeting Dane and Chandler (both great guys, by the way), and hearing about the history and on-goings of their online poker site. And she got in plenty of swimming time each day in the outside pool. 
In the hall outside the poker rooms, we probably heard more foreign languages than English being spoken…. it was definitely an international event. Either at the table or out in the hall, between us we met people from Australia (not just Dane), Italy, Denmark, Germany, Latvia, France, Slovenia (or was it Slovakia? she might stop over in the fall when touring northern California, maybe I’ll find out then), and very likely some other countries. And we did take in the Bulgarian restaurant on the other side of town one night, so I guess we can count them also.

Chuck Pavalko (Virginia)
Hello everyone, Chuck Pavalko here. My user name on the site is Axis. I am one of the three who won the trip to the WSOP. I just wanted to let everyone know that Chandler and Dane treated us like gold! The rooms at the Rio were great. To sum the whole thing up in a couple of words: if you like TexasHoldEm, there is nothing like the WSOP!