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The $11,111 Cash Tournament Recap!

Hello everyone. We hope you were all able to participate and enjoy our largest tournament ever, the $11,111 Cash Tournament, this past Sunday. We know several of you cashed in big, and many others played well and hard for many hours to come away with some winnings. In the coming days we’ll have an interview with one of the top placers, but for now we want to offer a recap of some the detail and highlights of this exciting event.


The tournament started out with a field of 364 at 3PM ET on Sunday. Initial play was slow and conservative for the most part, with few players getting knocked in at the early stages. The 7500 starting stack also allowed players room for a few mistakes.


By the end of hour one, 290 players still remained with CARDWIZARD in the lead. The second hour saw some quickly increasing blinds, and more than half the field was knocked out. By the third break only 48 players remained, with LDYQ holding just a tad of a lead over her closest rival. RETIRED2BEE had a commanding lead going into the final table, but was overtake by 1GR8GHOST, who in turn was overtaken later by the eventual champion HUCLUBBEN.


All in all, it was a great and thrilling day of play. We also appreciated all of our fans that watched our live-stream of the 11k on Twitch. We had a much bigger turnout than expected, and many of our viewers won some awesome prizes! Tune in next week for another episode and a chance to win some swag!


Stay tuned this week for an interview with one of the top placers in the big tournament, and keep your eyes out for new, exciting and big events coming your way soon, only at


posted by Chandler Bator

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